About Us

Our Faith

Committing Your Life To Jesus Christ


A. Admit you are a sinner and are now willing to turn from your sin and rebellion to follow Jesus Christ, and surrender the control of your life to him.


B. Believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross at calvary taking your sentence for sin and providing to you forgiveness. Believe that Jesus Christ rose from the dead after being in the grave for three days, and acquired for you eternal life.


C. Pray and ask God to forgive you of your sin and invite Jesus to come in and take control of your life. Share you decision to begin a relationship with Jesus Christ with your friends and to a body of believers (church) that teaches this truth and that can teach you how to be a committed follower of His.



Our Vision

To the glory of God:
Be a fellowship of spiritually awakened churches, encouraging, supporting, and assisting one another in proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ locally and globally, reaching disciples through evangelism, baptizing and assimilating disciples into the fellowship of the church, teaching disciples toward maturity, training disciples for ministry and missions involvement.


Our Purpose

We will seek to fulfill our purpose and vision through the process of the following objectives:

To support and assist churches in developing a spiritual awareness and a sense of God's vision for their life and ministry. To assist in providing to the churches leadership development opportunities for pastors, staff, and lay leaders that will lead to the fulfillment of God's vision for their life and ministry. To assist in providing support and ministry to Church Ministry Staff and their families.To assist churches in carrying out their on going tasks by providing a network for training and resources. To support and assist churches in their ministry and missions endeavors.